Tool Concept


A regular, curated internet meeting of a community which serves to highlight the activities of its members, offer presentations about tools and skills, address "problem statements," and generally serve as an open space for community development.
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Problem Statement/functional need

Members of an internet community need an interactive forum through which to interact and build the community. Members are often geographically distant from one another so an electronic format is ideal. Where other tools are not wholly sufficient means of communication, voice and video conferencing, and especially the ability to screen share, are effective means of sharing work that is being done individually as well as of co-working.

Functional Description/approach

Community members schedule regular OpenHours and curate the meeting by inviting speakers, establishing topics, and facilitating the meeting both technologically and in terms of format, etc.

Ongoing Projects

FarmHack is adopting this best practice from the Public Labs Community, which uses this format currently in its community.

How this tool is used by the FarmHack Community

Here are some of the use cases for OpenHour for the FarmHack community:

-Web -How to use FarmHack documentation/tool template support and tutorial -"problem statement"-based -brainstorm/design charrette style -farmer/designer/maker/programmer centered -focus on a specific tool -showcase or show and tell type

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