Multi mode dead freezer conversion

Tool Concept


Using a dead upright freezer and converting so it can be an egg incubator, chicken brooder, sweet potato curing box, seed germination box winter vegetable storage or possibly a food dehydrator. Controls are based on an Arduino Uno. Switching between modes can be done at any time without reprogramming.
Documentation Wiki: 

The documentation for this is coming along slowly so I posted a YouTube video showing progress to date.

Bill of materials

One upright freezer preferably with built in defrost. I found two of these in the local appliance dealers pile to be recycled. Cost $0
Two shelves from a small over the top of a range. These were also available in the pile to be recycled. The wire shelves in the freezer could have been cut down and used but I wanted to save them for times when the freezer was not being used as an egg incubator.
One Belimo damper actuator. These can cost $200 but I got one at auction along with a blower for $18
One Arduino Uno clone about $4
Two Solid State Relays SSR -25-DA about $4 each
One 4 by 20 LCD I2C screen
One click encoder
One buzzer $.20
One 24 VDC power supply from a MacBook. Scavenged $0
One 110 volt wall outlet $.49
14 feet of extension cord wire. Scavenged $0
One metal romex connector. $.50
One each LM7812,LM7810 and LM1117 voltage regulators $.50
Five 1uF capacitors
Seven 4.7 kOhm resistors
Three DS18B20 temperature sensors
One DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor
One snap switch open on raise at 130 degrees F. $2.92
Eight 7/16 nuts
Three 2" by 7/16" bolts
One 8" by 7/16" bolt
Four 2" round soffit vents
One clear plastic storage box for the electronics. 11" by 7" by 3" $2.63
Four 30 egg incubator trays $1.85 each

Some additional parts may be added to allow for internet connection and a pump for humidity control

Other tools needed to build this tool

2" hole saw for making holes for vents
7/8" drill bit for making hole in the plastic box for wire connections
Assorted small drill bits
Hacksaw for cutting the ends off of the 7/16" bolts
Welder for welding nuts on wire racks. Only needed for the incubator
Wire cutter
Wire stripper
Soldering iron
Assorted scew drivers
Multi meter for testing electrical parts

Step-by-step build instructions


Supporting materials

Interior of freezer set up for egg incubation. freezer interior with egg racks tipped forward

Exterior showing the control box on top and damper actuator (egg turner) on the right side.
Freezer exterior with control box on top and actuator on right side


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