Modular Wire Weeder

Tool Concept

Primary problem statement:
I am a farmer and I want a tool to reduce the total amount of tools needed because I want to develop a lean farm infrastructure.
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Hi! Recently I made a set of modular wire hoes made solely from parts found at the local hardware store. It took me about half an hour to assemble all parts using just a few simple pliers. Each item of the hoe can be disconnected and replaced if needed. This summer I will be testing the prototype on two farms in the Netherlands (both on sandy soil) to see if the tool is sturdy enough. In addition to testing the current prototype, I am looking to develop this modular set further. The system is based on quick release connectors typically used for pneumatic machines. I think the quick release connector system can also become part of a wheel hoe, rake or small hand weeders. If you are interested in helping to further develop this modular set or test it in your own garden, please let me know! I will upload an instruction manual and a list of parts needed as soon as possible
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