Low cost yield monitor and mapper

Tool Concept

Primary problem statement:
I am a farmer and I want a tool to identify where and when a bale was created because I would like to monitor the productivity of a field over time to evaluate soil health and production practices.
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a yield monitor designed for balers to replace the bale counter and data log the location and time of each bale created to generate a yield map for use in open source agricultural record keeping tools such as FarmOS.
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Bill of materials

Several Options

Autopilot option

digital counter
Pixhawk autopilot
915mhz telemetry to mobile phone or laptop using Tower, or mission planner software - data would then need to be exported and then imported to FarmOS

Advatage would be that additional sensors and automation could be added such as load cells etc. 

Bluetooth enabled board to mobile phone option
Digitalcounter connected to Bluetooth enabled board

Board could be wired close to the tractor even if the counter is at the back of the baler.

Open Pipe Kit option

Digital counter connected to rasbery pi and broadcasting via wifi or radio


Other tools needed to build this tool


Step-by-step build instructions


Supporting materials


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