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Primary problem statement:
I am a farmer and I want a tool to replace my tractor for low horsepower jobs where human power is sufficient because it's possible depending on the job and better for my health..
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Self driven laydown weeder. It runs on a 350 watts electric motor. It is geared down so top speed is around half a mile an hour, which is enough for weeding,( Most weeders don't go faster than a quarter mile an hour. ) and the advantage of gearing it down is its power. It weighs around 400 pounds and carries easily three adults of about 150 pounds each. The rechargeable batteries will last for three days on a full load.
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Hi Paul, I was working with a farmer pal of mine to build something similar to what's on the site. would like to know of your progress and whether you have drawings you can share. we are particularly interested and exploring motor to hub drive concepts. any leads would be appreciated. Much thanks! Cheers, Jamey Gerlaugh
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Hi Inventor Paul, I'm based in Australia and am a small-scale market gardener. I'd be interested to know more about your successes/failures with this laydown weeder. I want to make one myself. Cheers, Luke
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