Hoop Chicken Trailer

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Primary problem statement:
I am a farmer and I want a tool to make pastured chicken management easier because chickens can be greatly beneficial to nutrient management and grazing can improve animal and farmer well being. .
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A simply constructed 28’ Hoop Chicken Trailer for up to 150 birds. It is designed to be light weight enough to be moved by a very small tractor or ATV and have easy access to food and water for several days and provide easy access to clean egg collection.
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Water and feed bay is placed over axels  to reduce tongue weight

The 1” vinyl fence flooring is easy on chicken feet but still lets droppings fall through. 

Flooring is 3” and 4”  secured with self tapping screws before chicken wire is attached with staples to provide predator protection and additional strength before putting down vinyl mesh.  

The layer boxes are lower than the roosts with sloped tops to discourage roosting on or in boxes to keep eggs clean.  

Roosts are angled to promote different heights of roosting to enable hens to sort out hierarchy. 

Slippery vinyl tarp cover with hoop shape discourages roosting on the outside

The tarp cover is necessary to cover food and water bay to keep chickens for hiding and roosting inside.

Bay is 4’x4’x5’ and holds one 55gal water tank and 6+ bags of feed or a good sized loose feed bin. 

The order of assembly is –

  1. Floor slating
  2. 2x6 and 2x4 edges to catch cattle panel frame
  3. Staple chicken wire and vinyl mesh flooring
  4. Build “A” frame roosts and place on floor
  5. Build egg boxes ( 11”x12” with 9”x 11” front opening)
  6. Bend 12’ cattle panels (made out of 16’ panels) – remove 4’ and keep as a spare panel for sheep pens
  7. Secure panels with lag screws through 2x4

Bill of materials


2x4 for edge frame

2x6 for edge frame

Floor slats

2x4 for a frames for roosts

1x for roosts and bracing

Plywood or 1x material for egg boxes

12’ cattle panel  cut from 16' cattle panel

2x4 for securing cattle panel

Self tapping screws, Long and short Deck screws/cabinet staples/framing nails/

Vinyl billboard tarp for cover

Strapping to secure tarp to 2x4 and edge frame

2x4s for framing feed and water bay

Chicken wire for under vinyl fence flooring and for endwalls and around feed and water bay


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