Greenhouse controller

Tool Concept
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Primary problem statement:
I am a a farmer and I want a tool to to control temperature in my greenhouse because the commercially available products are expensive and limiting.
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This is the first stage of a collaborative build of greenhouse controller. The primary purpose of this controller is to operate two motors for roll-up sides through a relay box that was built during a workshop hosted by the CAPE in Quebec. The secondary purpose is to operate a heating system with the powerswitch tail available from adafruit.
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Bill of materials

Arduino uno, pro-min, mega $5-$50

ds18b20 temperature sensor with pull-up resistor  $15 CDN

JW-100-M Male Crimp Pins and Housing   $15 CDN

610 Panel Mount 2.1mm DC barrel jack $4 CDN

15-0298 Stereo Plug Solder Lugs 3.5mm $1.30 CDN

70-534B 3.5mm Stereo Isolated Chassis Mount Jack $4 CDN

1-2 762-ADA Cable Gland PG-7 size - 0.118" to 0.169" Cable Diameter - PG-7 $2.80 CDN

63-ADA 9 VDC 1000mA regulated switching power adapter - UL listed $10 CDN

22 AWG solid hookup wire.  Red and black 12-18 inches each, other color 2-3 inches

1-2 inches Shrink tubing

Waterproof plastic enclosure, the bigger the better
(eg. PRT-11366 Enclosure - Flanged (Red) $15 CDN)

Adafruit Powerswitch tail 2 $25 USD - for furnace control


Other tools needed to build this tool

40 watt solder station

hot glue gun

wire stippers

needle nose pliers or crimping tool

Step-by-step build instructions


Supporting materials

ie. SketchUp files, CAD drawings, photos, video, technical drawings. 

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