Dehuller/Flour mill

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Primary problem statement:
I am a Agriculturalist and I want a tool to dehull grain and mill flour on any farm without an external power source because appropriate scaled alternatives of sufficient quality are not available.
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Complete step by step plans for building a bicycle powered dehuller that is also convertible to a bicycle powered flour mill.
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After waiting some time to forget the instructions, i recently built a mill and found the instructions worked well. I modified the design a tiny bit to use stock cast iron grinding burrs from CS Bell. I also used slightly over sized key stock for the auger to improve the feed action of the auger. In the end, with some scavenging of materials, it cost $80 in parts and took 15.5 hours to build. There was an additional 6.5 hours of wood working and testing getting it hooked up to the bicycle PTO. The mill works better than my 1920s CS Bell. There is less friction and more precision in the facing of the burr plates. The result is that everyone (meaning even people other than me who rarely grind flour on my mill) noticed it is easier and faster to make flour with the new mill than it was with the old CS Bell. The old record of 40seconds/# for wharthog wheat has fallen!
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