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Tool Concept


RainCloud is a web connected irrigation system and application platform. RainCloud links computers and mobile devices to lawns, gardens and plants by combining automated water valves, soil moisture sensors, a wifi enabled programmable computer and custom web applications. Visit for more info.
Documentation Wiki: 

RainCloud is an open source project and has a kickstarter campaign running through 9/30/2013.

Problem addressed/functional need

please provide a description of the purpose of the tool, and how this addresses a need. For example, commercial versions are too expensive or unavailable etc. If the tool is just in concept stage, or it is just something that you happened across, please consider opening up a forum topic about it to facilitate discussion about the tool before posting it as a tool. The tool wiki will function better if there is a driver behind the post, who is going to build or use the tool themselves.

Functional Description/approach

This is the "how it works" section. please provide diagrams or links to references. For example a root washer description might start with "uses pressurized water sprayed and rotary motion of drum to loosen dirt and clean root vegetables for market without damaging skin." This section should also address alternative approaches to the problem addressed. If the tool has many functional components, or is very complex, it may work well to break up the posts by using "floating" wiki pages. To create, click "add wiki page" rather than add tool, and then copy the address for the new wiki page into the original post. This enables you to create more layered content for added detail for the original tool post. See the mobile biodiesel trailer tool for an example

How to use the tool

this would be the equivalent of an owners manual, pictures and video are excellent in this section. If the tool has many functions, then these should all be explored here. Example post "__________". Present how the community can be most helpful to make it useful...

Bill of materials and Sourcing

this section should include a list of materials, and dimensions and sources for each item when available) Example post with formatting but no sourcing yet FIDO greenhouse alert system not so necessary for software- but operating requirements would be helpful

Construction/how to build

this section should include basic step by step instructions and include supporting documentation like engineering drawings, CAD or CAM files, as well as supporting photos and videos. If an instructables has already been done on it, a link to the instructable would be perfect here) for software projects- links to github etc. would be appropriate.

Next steps/goals/barriers

This section is to highlight what next steps are needed for documentation or construction to move the project along. This might contain a link to a kickstarter campaign or to a forum discussion of documentation or prototype needs etc.


this section might link to members of the farm hack community. If a fabricator has the item listed on Etsy or similar, a link to that listing would be appropriate here too

Ongoing projects

this section might link to project threads on the forum - if you are going to build the tool, please start a project thread in the forum, and post lots of pictures!

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