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Crop Planning Software helps to manage crop planning on intensive market farms. Create planting schedules, estimate yields, calculate seed needed and more. It is a free and open source software project for Mac, Windows and Linux.
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Current Features:
  • familiar, spreadsheet-like interface
  • easily create and print weekly field planting and GH seeding lists
  • sort and filter your crop plans so you only see what you want to see
  • powerful database makes it easier to work with your plans and keep data linked together
  • easily keep track of whether something has been planted, transplanted and harvested
  • easily keep track of the actual and planned dates upon which something is planted, transplanted and harvested
  • data can be "linked" from crops ==> varieties ==> individual plantings
  • enter certain values and have others calculated automatically; for example:
    • enter a number of beds or row-feet to plant and the program can calculate how many transplants you'll need
    • enter a desired yield quantity and the program can tell you how many row-feet or beds you should plant
    • enter your desired date of harvest and the program can estimate when to plant
  • bed and row lengths can be set for every field or even for every bed
  • Missed a planting? Don't delete it, just ignore it (ie, "skip" it) to get it out of the way.
  • Plantings can be explicitly marked as direct seeded or transplanted and can have different planting data accordingly.
  • Help you estimate how much seed you'll need to execute your plan

More features coming in next update, scheduled for late winter 2013.

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