Commercial Scale Rocket Oven

Tool Concept
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A fuel efficient, low cost, biomass fueled 24 loaf baking oven. Combustion technology is based on the rocket stove design, which uses an insulated flue and efficient combustion chamber to achieve high levels of fuel efficiency and low emissions.
Documentation Wiki: 

Full documentation is included as an attached PDF but should be summarized here with credits given to the developers of this open source tool

Problem addressed
Traditional wood fired brick mud cob or other domed ovens can produce high quality bread, pizza and baked goods, but they have a long fire-up time and generally use a large quantity of wood. They can also be challenging to regulate heat and moisture after the initial firing. Some designs enable continuous backing but many require removal of coals before baking. This design addresses many of these issues, and is based on open source design principles.

Link to google sketchup model of lighter weight version made without masonry structure here
This version is designed to be skid mounted to enable the oven to be moved for farmers markets or events.

Functional Description
attached pdf document

How to use the tool
This section could use some additional documentation and pictures from folks who have used these

Bill of materials and Sourcing is included with the pdf documents

A scale sketchup model, including internal dimensions, set on a trailer is posted Here

Construction/how to build
See complete instructions in pdf documents (2 versions)

Next steps
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Market Place
(this section might link to fabricators of the tool or tool components who are members of the farm hack community)
Rosette Komuhangi Kabuleta
Text, Technical Diagrams and Photographs by:
Leonard Mugerwa & Joseph Kirule
Figures and cover page designed by:
Haruna Lubwama
Philippe Simonis (GTZ – PREEEP)
John Kuteesakwe (GTZ – PREEEP)
Godfrey Ndawula (MEMD)
Published by:
Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development (MEMD)
Promotion of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Programme (PREEEP)

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