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Joel, Thank you for your feedback. I agree with everything you said. I have never built a dibble wheel that does not require welding, so I've posted everything useful for non welders that I can think of. We can't weld everything on our commercial DWs because we have to ship them, and it's nicer to hold the 1 1/4" wood then the 1" square steel. For someone that can weld, I would adapt our designs and weld everything. Just be careful of the 2 arms(on our infinite dibbler) as alignment is important. We have intended to push not pull the DWs. It doesn't roll quite as well, but I think it helps keep the rows from veering, but it would be interesting to talk more about it. The hardest thing is clearly the axle attachment. We have steel parts punched commercially to the right specs then welded to either the axle or the tube the bushings go in. It is a pain and is precise. I'm not sure how to make it easy without tooling. To your suggestion, I guess the best course would be for me to post a guide as to how we do it and others can adapt it for home use, as that is not my strong suit. What do you think would be most useful?

Thanks again, Pete