Northeast Food Knowledge Ecosystem

Initiated by the Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group, the Northeast Food Knowledge Ecosystem (NEFKE) is an ongoing cooperative effort supporting communication, coordination and collaboration among a broad range of agriculture and food systems stakeholders, researchers and supporters. We envision this evolving knowledge ecosystem fostering a “network of networks”, helping align and link private, public and civil society sector knowledge assets for collective impact, in support of shared goals for sustainable agriculture, healthy, equitable food systems and resilient communities in our region.

Farm Hack is a vital part of this knowledge ecosystem, providing critical R&D space supporting collaborative problem solving and open innovation. The NEFKE Open Shop has been created to share resources and ideas, and for presenting "problem statements" to the Farm Hack community.

A "Farm to Institution Open Data Standard" problem statement has been posted here.

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Digital Public Library of America -a treasure trove waiting to be hacked

For those of you who don't know about it already, the Digital Public Library of America is a relatively new project that brings together the rich collections of libraries, archives, and museums from across the US (including Cornell), making them freely available to the world.

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Jeff Piestrak's picture

This sounds like a fantastic idea -get 'em hooked on hacking while they're young. And maybe help shift the mindset of institutions they are a part of from one of top down technology transfer to collaborative innovation! If some thought were put into how this could be implemented I might be able to entice students at Cornell...

Cheers, Jeff