AppleSeed Permaculture: Open Enterprise Budgets

AppleSeed Permaculture designs diversified organic farms using permaculture principles and processes.

Our designs integrate agroforestry, keyline planning, holistic management, biodynamics, aquaculture, and restoration agriculture.

We also install 1000-tree nut groves, plant permaculture food forests, dig earthen ponds, and more - whatever it takes to bring your farm to the next level. And, we do farm business planning to figure out how to make it all profitable.

On FarmHack, we're all about money. The tools we build here are not for deep ripping or easy weeding - they're economic. They'll help you understand the numbers and choose profitable crops. They'll help you make smart decisions and avoid costly mistakes. Basically, they'll help you do less work and make more money.

Welcome to Open Enterprise Budgets.

Unlike standard enterprise budgets, which often offer an average of many farms' finances, Open Enterprise Budgets use an online wiki-like format to preserve the diversity of different farms' experiences. You can view a full range of financial realities and use them for your own farm planning. You can also contribute your own financial data, improving the overall usefulness of the tool for other farmers.

Extensions officers and university folks who have created the bulk of all enterprise budgets to date (Thank you!!!) are equally welcome to participate, adding your perspective and considerable knowledge alongside the voices of farmers who are on the ground growing food.

These budgets will stay up-to-date and relevant to farms of scales and management practices, simply by crowdsourcing (crowdfarming?) real time data from farmers around the world.

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ethanappleseed's picture

I have seen a number of hugelkultur beds, functioning well.

The person who has the most expertise and brilliance in this realm is James (Jim) Kovaleski, up in Maine near Scythe Supply. He builds incredible hugel mounds using only a scythe and a hand-saw. He sees 400+% increases in squash yields when planted in his beds - amazing!