Agroecology Land Initiative

The converging food, energy, and soil crises that we are facing today necessitate a new approach to farming and energy production, and a new relationship with the land. The Agroecological Land Initiative is an organisation created to advocate and implement agroecological methods in the UK to help secure food sovereignty, energy independence, and environmental regeneration in a way that is financially viable and socially just. We envision the regeneration of both the countryside and rural economies through the creation of co-sufficient community farms rooted in agroecological production.

At the heart of our endeavour is the principle of co-sufficiency, both within the farm community and in its relationship with the wider community. Progressive ownership, governance and co-housing models will allow members to live on-site in low impact housing, thus enabling the farm to incorporate multiple mutually supportive and synergistic rural enterprises, thereby making full use of the productive capacity of the land.

Red Pig Farm
SA19 9DR
United Kingdom
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