I am a farmer and I want a tool to feed pigs that is easy to move and reduces food waste

Having the pigs dump their food and fight over it is often a problem. Also, in a rotational grazing setting, I wanted to make some kind of feeder that would be stable, reduce competition, and also be easy to relocate when I shift the animals to a new paddock. These feeders worked very well for me, in general.

One thing I wasn't completely satisfied with was the clips that anchor the feeder to the t-posts. I originally used the yellow clips designed to connect electric fencing to  t-posts, but they tended to get knocked off, so I switched to U-bolts with wing nuts. That was much  better, but still, sometimes they slip off if the t-posts are in soft ground and get wiggled out of alignment. Hopefully, this idea will spark some additional innovation to solve that issue. In all other respects, it's been a fairly genius solution.

What functionality solves this problem?: