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Summary of FarmHack.net Activity for 2013

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Here's a summary of online activity. The data was gathered using Google Analytics and data from the FarmHack.net database.

  • We had 71,228 unique visitors for the entire year.
  • We typically had about 2,500 visitors per week, 1,000 visitors per week when you exclude the front page and the blog
  • 700 new users registered in 2013 for a total of 1,160 registered FarmHack.net users.
  • 63 Tools were added in 2013 for a total of 114 Tools
  • 14 Open Shops registered

Weekly visits throughout 2013. FarmHack.net Visitors Chart * Chart from Google Analytics. * Data on the first two-thirds of the year did not include traffic on the front page.

jbd's picture

Any idea why things got a lot "busier" in October? Also, there is a precipitous drop in December - I think; could this be the result of a DDOS attack? (I've had problems accessing the site from time to time over the past two weeks.)