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Solved: Tool wiki template

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__ This conversation inspired the new Tool called "Tool wiki template". For the most current template and conversation check it out -> http://www.farmhack.net/tools/tool-wiki-template __

Until we have several tools fully documented, I think it would be good to do a mock-tool that shows what a fully documented tool wiki would look like. I think that we should provide a complete example at the top of the page and make it stand out until we have a few more completed tools.

It might have some standard headings like the following:

Functional Description, video, photos of tool in use

Drawings, Sketchup, CAD files

Bill of materials/cut list /possible component suppliers

Manufacturing techniques/CAM files/order of assembly etc.

Safety/maintenance and operational instructions

Links to projects underway, or documented examples in use

Other categories for a fully documented tool?

Louis's picture

You seem to have a pretty clear idea of what a "Template Tool" would look like. You could pick some trivial, perhaps hilarious, example and do it up!

dorn's picture

Thanks for the encouragement. I will see what I can come up with. I think that when you and the team have FIDO going, it is going to be the best example going though.

Louis's picture

Well, FIDO may end up being the first product of Farm Hack, but I don't expect it to be typical. I imagine most tools will be mechanical thus a mechanical template will no doubt be useful.

dorn's picture

I think that the documentation may be somewhat different with electronic devices needing less CAD type files and more electrical diagrams and posted code snippets, but the level of documentation required to reproduce it should follow the same model (roughly). Every tool should have a bill of materials, functional description, operating details- methods of use, assembly order, techniques etc...

R.J. Steinert's picture

Given the conversation on the importance of what problem a Tool is trying to solve, perhaps we also have a "Problem" heading. I started a "Tool Wiki Template" wiki that we can start building out as an example.

The Tool Wiki Template wiki can also include formatting examples. Something like making a table for the bill of materials first comes to mind.

R.J. Steinert's picture

Check out the new Tool "Tool wiki template" http://www.farmhack.net/tools/tool-wiki-template