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Regenerative Agriculture X Prizes?

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After our conversations this weekend, I was wondering if it might be appropriate to develop some primary tool goals (like low cost egg washers, root washers, combines, seed cleaners, cultivating tractors, flash freezers, or micro pasteurizers) with performance goals and as a community raise prizes for successful designs to give a little boost and some recognition to the folks out there who take on these important tasks. Prizes could be tools, food or other services if not cash.

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Something that has been used with some success in the Open Source world is bounties... One would offer a bounty for a solution to a problem.

I know its not much different from an "X Prize", but tends to attract those with the knowledge and time to perform "one off" projects. But things like explanation and documentation could be a problem.

Of course, in all cases, patent/royalty-free would be required. And this brings up an ugly potential issue that would need a lawyer. Groan.