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Image repository to enable images embeded with text in tool wiksi

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Hi RJ, Do we have a place to upload images so that we could embed/link to them within wiki text? I think that would be helpful - so that we can annotate the images in line rather than have to refer to one one of the images potentially among many at posted at the top of the wiki entry.

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Hi Dorn, I just added an insert button to images attached to wikis. It's definitely not a great solution but it's a step in the right direction. That eventual direction is being able to edit the wiki directly on the page without having to know markdown syntax (example, click on any of the content, it's editable: http://aloha-editor.org/demos/aloha-world-example/) . I already have a working copy of the Farm Hack site on my computer but it still needs more polish (it's too easy for people to make an edit and not REALIZE it :P) and it doesn't have support for adding images.