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Farm Hack:IOWA schedule of events

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Farm Hack:IOWA will focus on on-farm energy for small farms. Out-of-the box farm hacks. Electric tractors, farmer-built machinery, WVO/biodiesel, micro-wind, micro-hydro, and wood gas/producer gas fuels.

Day 1 -Wednesday, JUNE 20

1 pm: intros/arrival 1:15 - 3:30 pm: Farm tour, presentation and demo/discussion of electric tractor 3:30-4:30 pm: Discussion of open source/reverse engineering for farm tech, stories, goals for farmhack, basic design/engineering theory 4:30-6: First session - design in working groups; break down based on interest area 6-8: On-farm simple feast/informal discussion 8 pm: Social at Echollective Farm: bonfire, New Belgium brew, good times had by all.

Day 2 - Thursday, JUNE 21 8:30 am: coffee, reconvening of group 9-10 am presentation on Affordable On-Farm Energy 10 - 12: Working groups reconvene, design/plan/other output finalized 12 pm: lunch - GOOD FOOD! 12:30-2 pm: presentations from working groups/wrap up discussion/strategic planning

Need to sleep? - SLEEP. Need to go? Go, but we'll miss you.

Post if you have any questions about the weekend! – Grant Schultz, co-organizer of FarmHack:IOWA