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Farm Hack in Todmorden West Yorkshire UK

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We are aiming to strengthen local and regional knowledge structures and connections between small scale farmers and farming in not only our more northern region but on a national scale as well . We would like showcase and share some of the small innovations we as a farm have had, but also facilitate others to do the same, as well as networking and meeting fellow farmers or those interested in organic and sustainable food. We want to learn more and hear from colleagues and community.

The event will run from Saturday 21st May around 1pm through to Sunday 22nd May at 3pm. There will be demonstrations on day 1 and workshops on day 2 and an evening meal and entertainment on Saturday night. The event is ticketed and includes food for both days, visit our Eventbrite page.

We aim to give the farm hack a local flavour addressing issues of our region such as flooding but also more national and global issues regarding small scale farming as well as just having practical tips and tricks for efficient and sustainable food production and engagement with the environment.

Demonstration and talk themes

-Tools and technology

-Energy and Sufficiency

-Soil, seeds and wildlife

-Big Picture- politics, education, change


Activities and Workshops

-seed saving

-draw horse/spoon carving/ tool fixing

-build compost loo/

-feeding animals and milking

-farm tour

-forrage and walk         




-Drinks, Fire, Music, Dance


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We are facilitating a ranch hack to fortify neighborhood and provincial information structures and associations between little scale agriculturists and cultivating in our more northern area as well as on a national scale too we need to feature and offer a portion of the little advancements we as a homestead have had yet in addition encourage others to do likewise and also systems administration and meeting kindred ranchers or those keen on natural and economical sustenance. Amazon