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Best Practice Topic under General discussion

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I think it would be a good idea to add a new topic to document the best practices for posts including things like:

Meaningful titles

Posting to proper forums

linking to existing content on the forum etc....

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I think that's a great idea Dorn. Using the same Wiki-Forum format we are using for physical tools can also work for our process tools. I vote for moving ahead on this and I want to mention two things to consider as we move ahead.

Before getting into the two considerations for this, a quick clarification on the functionality behind Tools. The "Tool" Entity, the thing with metadata like "Stage" and "Type", is the glue that holds together the relationship between a Forum and a Wiki page. In addition to Tool's holding metadata on the Tool and relationships to a Forum and Wiki, there is code I wrote to display all three things on a single page if you go to any one of those three things. Note that we could create a Forum and a Wiki page separately, put a link at the top of each to their counterpart, and the only thing we would be missing out on is the presentation of the Wiki and Forum on the same page.

  • A "Best Practices" Wiki page and Forum may not be findable on the Tools list Perhaps it would be better suited to be in the General category of the Forum. We could reassign the "Best Practices" Forum fromt the Tools category to the General category.

  • Does the data model (metadata like "Stage" and "Type") for our "Tools" concept fit something like this? Right now I don't see this as a big deal and it's not necessarily a big deal if we decide otherwise in the future. If down the line we decide that "Best Practices" is not a good fit for the Tool data model, then we delete the "Best Practices" Tool, the Best Practices Forum and Best Practices Wiki page stick around because they are separate entities, and then we create some other alternative to the Tool Entity type that we use to glue the Best Practices Forum and Best Practices Wiki together.

My analysis could be seen as a green light to shoehorn whatever we want into the Tools section right now, because after all, if decide something is not a Tool, we don't lose the Forum and Wiki page when we delete the Tool.

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Proposal for new forum structure and using the "Forum-Wiki bundle" functionality for everything

I'm not revving to go on my proposal yet because of the reason I mentioned above, " if decide something is not a Tool, we don't lose the Forum and Wiki page when we delete the Tool," but my proposal is one idea on how we might structure things in the future.