Modular building systems

Problem Statement

Fabrication and prototyping using non-standard components can make design sharing and design modification costly and increase the cost of trial and error.

Tool Approach

This tool aims to identify the various standards and systems to enable rapid changes in design, ease of reuse of components and reduced manufacturing cost and cost of specialized inventory

Modular Building Systems

The following are examples of modular building systems and standards that might be useful to the Farm Hack community

Open Source Ecology heavy weight structures

A warehouse of the components can be downloaded here

Grid Beam/telespar mid weight structures Most of the components can be found and downloaded here

Open Structures lighter weight tools kitchen and workshop type structures

A good article on the Open Structures approach can be found here: (](

Universal Quick hitches like the triangle and Bob Cat( SAE J2513) hitches also fall into the category of modular systems/standards



Other relevant building systems?