ultra simple dry grain/pellet feeder (food, wood and other pellets)

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about a year ago I started to investigate automatic fish feeders for my aquaponics pilot plant. None of them suited me: too complicated, therefore too expensive: wormwheels, automatic belts, lots of wiring, etc... The simplest way to move dry goods over a horizontal or slightly downwards inclined short traject is by vibration. So yes, I used a (battery operated) sex toy for my experiments, and it works an absolute marvel. There are plenty cheap vibrator motors availanbe, so the mechanical part of the problem is solved. But I will have about 10 fish tanks or more in my project, and fish are best fed at night, and the feeding is best spread over time so as not to overcharge the biologic filtration system. Wireless automatisation is the step in which this community can help. While I am familiar with programming PLC's, I find solutions like the Arduino not accessible enough to the general public. I have seen simple wireless systems to program i.e. christmas lights around the house.
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