Tool Concept
Functional Prototype

Primary problem statement:
I am a farmer and I want a tool to keep track of the time and resources that I invest in each crop because I want to know which crops are profitable..
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Learn how to maximize your local resources and keep track of your ‪ ‎soil <img src="http://farmhack.org/sites/default/files/tools/image-gallery/SoilAnalysisManager-v0.7.png" width="1589" height="807" alt="" title="SoilAnalysisManager-SoilAnalysis" />nutrients ! <img src="http://farmhack.org/sites/default/files/tools/image-gallery/SoilAnalysisManager-v1.1.png" width="1299" height="520" alt="" title="SoilAnalysisManager-Fertilizers" />
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The #SoilAnalysisManager prototype is available here . 

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