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A sailing cargo barge created to carry agricultural goods from Lake Champlain to Manhattan markets along a historic trade route. The "Ceres" has a length of 39 1/2' and a beam of 10' and can carry 15 tons while drawing just two feet.
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Ceres is the sailing cargo vessel designed by Erik Andrus with significant support from Dave Zeiger. It is largely based on the "triloboat" box-hull form created by Zeiger, but sports several features specific to our route and our work. Ceres has a length of 39 1/2' and a beam of 10' and can carry 15 tons while drawing just two feet. Our project was executed with 3000 man-hours and approximately $20,000, putting the project in the same general category as the construction of a small house. Builders with good competence with contemporary building tools will find our approach feasible--there are few curves to contend with and in many respects Ceres is actually built similarly to a house. Epoxy and fiberglass sheathing is a substantial part of the work and is the source of additional strength and waterproofing.

The traditional aspects of the work are found mostly from the deck up as time-honored practices of shaping logs and stitching sails are still very economical for a workboat that is to be put to regular use. Modern materials like aluminum and dacron are options too.

Coming soon is a broadsheet outlining the utility, design features, and general construction approach of Ceres, which will be made available as a free resource.

Additionally we will release a longer more detailed construction guide by December 2013 giving more detail into the working parts and methods used, which will be made available for $40.

Erik Andrus, Project Director Vermont Sail Freight Project 276 Burroughs Farm Road Vergennes, VT 05491 (802)

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