L'Atelier Paysan (formerly ADABio autoconstruction)

ADABio autoconstruction is a french non-profit organization created in 2011 by market gardeners near Grenoble. Our goal is to help farmers to build their own tools so that they could be more independant. How do we help them? First of all, we organize courses where we teach them how to weld, cut, drill and grind. During those course, people can choose to build a tool and go back with it, or they can just learn how to make it, with all the skills it requires. We also give a technical support to all our members if they have any questions concerning a tool they're willing to make by themselves. Finally, we try to federate people around the idea of "do it yourself" applied to farming : thanks to our wesite and forum, we help people to share their inventions, to know each others, to ask when they have a problem.

At the end of 2012, about 140 people have already followed our courses and most of them own at least one tool for vegetable growing using the permanents raised beds technique. We are willing to diversify our offer and hopefully, soon we'll be able to help wine-grower, cereal farmer, tree farmer...

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