Our mission is to capture the world’s environmental data to make it accessible and useful so that we may live in harmony with natural systems.

Our focus is to empower innovative farmers to transform our food system. The first way of doing this is by creating the internet of things for farms to help with efficiency, operations monitoring, record keeping, and management.

Apitronics is creating the internet of things for farms.

Our first product is an open platform that is flexible and expandable making it suitable for anything from a garden to a thousand-acre farming operation or any other environmental monitoring and automation application.

Our architecture is extremely modular consisting of Bees that can be “plugged” into any sensor and actuator, allowing the same device to be a weather station, an irrigation controller, or a control system for a greenhouse. Multiple Bees are coordinated by a single Hive which is a gateway device plugged into the user’s router. This device is a local coordinator for the entire network and preserves functionality without internet connectivity, making the Apitronics platform more robust and reliable than other cloud-based solutions.

The result is hardware that is easy to use as an out-of-box solution for farmers or as a prototyping platform for developers. We also provide our own consulting services where we can make modifications for your particular application.

All the hardware and software source is open for modification and reuse, by hobbyists and for-profit businesses alike. Everything from circuit schematics, bill of materials, environmental enclosure designs, and all the software on the hardware itself is maintained as an open-source project.

Our platform emphasizes making it easy to deploy wireless devices in harsh environments. Features include:

field-ready devices: running efficiently on a battery, Bees can be recharged via solar panels or wall warts modular plugs with customizable sensors and switches: a waterproof connector allows you to easily attach or detach an array of sensors and switches local databasing and web app: a gateway manages the wireless network and provides a browser-based UI – the system is protected against internet connectivity failures

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