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Update from Ohio

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Starting with zero Arduino experience just a month ago and many forum searches and mis-soldered connection I have made this progress: the DS18B20 temperature sensor up and running using the OneWire library. (http://www.milesburton.com/?title=Dallas_Temperature_Control_Library). I had some connection problem but that is all worked out now and I get reliable temperature readings. (I realized after I purchased this sensor that I could have got the cheaper and much simpler analog sensor) data logger shield build and working. logging data to the SD card from the temperature sensor. 16x2 LCD display with SPI interface so I can get the current temperature have the phone connection working with the voltage divider circuit and can send and receive messages (it is a fine day!)

I will have to get the Fido code and start to work with that.

Long term I would like to build a small RF temperature / moisture sensor I could deploy through out my farm.

Thanks for the updates with your progress I'm following right along.

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Hey Eric,

Can't tell you how excited I am to hear about your progress! I've uploaded the current Fido library to Github but I have a few caveats based on what your post.

If you remember a post I made a few weeks ago, Fido was getting strapped for memory. In response to that, I switched to an analog temperature sensor (see new BoM) instead of the DS18B20. It won't be difficult for you to change the getTemp() function such that it will work with the DS again but you'll probably run out of flash memory, especially if you also have the LCD. Thus, if you want to keep all those components, you might have to strip down some of the things from the Fido library I've uploaded; a good place to start is to play around with those char arrays in the beginning of the code. They're written in PROGMEM but I think you'll catch on quickly if you read this post on my site.

Anyway, let me know if you have any questions! Oh and I actually have a question for you: is that voltage divider giving you fairly reliable reads? I changed mine out for a logic shifter and it's been more consistent for me; I ordered quite a few and I'd be happy to send you one if you PM me your address (they cost 40 cents but if you go about trying to buy just one you'll end up spending 5 dollars).

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