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Ideas on best practices for advocating for documentation

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As a productive community member, it's in everyone's interest to ask questions and advocate for more complete documentation wherever it is lacking. I see that Dorn has started by placing the Tool Wiki Template into Tool Wikis that lack documentation (Food Fractal and Pedal-Powered Power Tools). I think that's a good call and I would also like to add that I think it might be a good idea to also accompany moves like this with a message in the Tool's forum. It could be reported as a Problem Topic, but perhaps it's best as an Idea Topic, the good idea being a template for proceeding on documentation :).

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I was hesitant to publish the template without consulting the original poster first, but I did put revision comments. I think we can develop gentle language to cheer along new entries. I agree that there should be forum posts along with changes like this. Good suggestion.

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On a slightly separate topic but getting at the same goal, I think the most important thing we can do to advocate good documentation is make it super easy and accessible to document on the Farm Hack site. The more advanced and tech-savvy documenters figure out work-arounds to embed pdfs, imgur albums, spreadsheets, hackpads, dozuki etc. But in an ideal platform, all of these functionalities might be made more native.