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Apiary crane

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Hi, Just found this wonderful site. I'm in need of an apiary crane to lift heavy supers. I am envisioning a crane that could wheel under a hive stand and have an adjustables crane pole and pulley system where I could have pre-set eye hooks drilled into my hive supers (four, one near each corner) that I could hook onto a pulley that would lift the super by motor. I'd like to build something that would drop one side (not each corner but whole sides) at a time, so when the supers go back on I can brush bees out of the way as it slowly lowers back into place. I know the base would need to have enough weight to lify a heavy super without tipping over. And I'd like the top where the pulley system is to extend out so the super can be placed next to the hive without moving the base around. And be slow and gentle enough that it wouldn't swing crazy.

Any ideas for getting started or collaboration would be wonderful.