Sweet Box Germination Chamber V2.0

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Sweat Box Germination Chamber V2 with temperature and humidity control (reference to Farm Hack tool http://farmhack.net/tools/sweat-box-germination-chamber)

Sweat Box Germination Chamber Problem Statement/functional need:

Commercial growing operations often use high-cost germination chambers to start their seeds. For the small farm, a low-cost, DIY version which can be put together using readily available materials is needed. This design simplifies construction by eliminating the auto water fill and using off the shelf slow cookers, and enables independent setting of humidity and temperature, while also reducing cost.

This germination chamber can be put together for $100-200

Functional Description/approach:

This build uses slow cookers for heat and humidity control that are wired into temperature and humidity controls that are mounted into the freezer door. The humidity control is connected to a slow cooker with water at the base of the freezer, and the temperature control is connected to a slow cooker in the base of the freezer filled with vegetable oil. The chamber reaches and holds the target humidity within a few percentage points( tested at set ranges from 70%-90%) within a few minutes, and the temperature reaches and holds to within a degree in a couple hours (tested and set ranges from 75-85% with outside temp at about 40%).


Power cord is fed through a metal wire clamp on the hing side of the door.

Metal racking is same as tool http://farmhack.net/tools/sweat-box-germination-chamber

How to use the tool:

Set temperature and humidity at the door. Check water and oil levels periodically (but neither seems to be budging much) and watch for germination!