Shop concept/layout info gateway

This is the second Pinterest board which I’ve established to provide useful practical info.  The topic of this board is “mixed shops”—shop concepts, designs, and layouts that could be helpful to homesteaders or small farmers just setting things up.  A shop, or "tool shed" or plain “shed” (Aussie term) is a work space that's indispensable to every homestead or farm.  Each ”pin” provides visual information, and the majority of them are actually linked to videos or web pages where things are explained, further illustrated, and/or discussed.

Rural lifestyles require you to build, repair, augment, or upgrade things.  It never ends.  Tasks can range from doing repairs, maintenance, or modifications on devices, machines, and equipment all the way to making things from scratch from various materials.  Materials can range from wood, to plastics, to steel or aluminum, to leather and others. Chainsaws, mowers, pumps, possibly vehicles (and more) all require attention.

Arranging space and managing storage for tools & equipment are among the basic shed challenges.  I’ve put about 115 entries on the site now, and I’ll keep adding to the image/website entries as time goes on.  If you click on the URL above, you’ll probably see a limited view of the page; you need a free Pinterest membership to see everything.  But the system is simple to use and can be a wide path to useful information and understanding.