Do any of you run water lines ??

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I need a little advice. I have 110 rented acres that I feel I could improve without alot of expense if I could develop a rotational grazing system. There is one pond near the center of the farm and there is a city water hydrant near the center also. The fact that it is rented ground on a year to year basis means I don't want to bury alot of water lines on the property. Do any of you run water lines for this purpose on top of the ground in warmer weather and if so what type of pipe do you use and have you had good success. I want to keep this flexible so I can move the whole thing around depending on the availabe grazing at the time. I only have 25 cow calf pairs that will be on it in the spring and summer months so I should be able to take some hay off of a portion of it.

Please help me out.

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