Can Anyone Present about Farm Hack in Washington DC?

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Dear Farm Hack Community,

I'm looking for someone who can talk about the cool things Farm Hack does at a conference for organic farmers and other stakeholders in May in Washington DC. 

The conference is the Organic Confluences Summit, which brings together organic stakeholders to increase communication across the sector, with the overarching purpose of addressing constraints in organic production including barriers to increasing adoption of organic practices and expanding organic acreage. Each conference is designed to intensively tackle a focused topic essential to achieving this broader goal, building on solutions and challenges identified by stakeholders.  This year the conference will focus on how best practices and technologies are communicated to organic producers – taking a deep look into successful, innovative techniques, as well as how to improve and connect current strategies for transferring knowledge to organic farmers.

One of our sessions for 2018 will include a lightning round of presentations from individuals involved in inventive ways to get information out to organic farmers (5 min presentations with a maximum of 3 slides).  We would love for someone from Farm Hack to be a part of this lightning session if possible.  While we don’t have travel funds, we would of course waive registration (and meals are provided during the conference). 

The Conference takes place Monday, May 21 – Tuesday, May 22, 2018 at the USDA Patriots Plaza III Conference Center.

Thank you, and email me if anyone wants to talk about Farm Hack:



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